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Transformer Simulator Webcast (From 15 November 2010)





Course Length: 1 hour

Webcast Description:

This presentation will cover the process for gaining access to the simulator, cost for access to the simulator, and lab exercises for the 2nd year transformer lessons.  Lab exercises for lessons 2-2-4 – Transformer Construction, 2-2-5 – Transformer Information Characteristics, 2-2-7 – Transformer Polarity/Connections, 2-2-8 – Tap Changer and Tap Changer Operation, 2-2-9 – Transformers – Completely Self-Protected, 2-2-10 – Installing Transformers, 2-2-11 – Single-Phase Transformer Connections, 2-2-12 – Transformer Protection, 2-2-15 – Vectors.  These lab exercises will be covered in detail.

For questions regarding logging in or accessing the webcast, please contact support@bluevolt.com .

For questions regarding the topics covered during this presentation, please contact Steve Anderson at sanderson@njatc.org .

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