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Oregon Electrical Continuing Education

Oregon Electrical Continuing Education (CEU)
Oregon - Make your course FREE!?

Online CEU courses for electrical license renewal in Oregon (OBCD approved)

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Oregon CEU Requirements

Oregon has specific requirements by type of license. The list below shows how many CE hours are required by each license type for renewal, and how many of those hours must be Code Change credits.

Gen Supervising (S) - 24 CE (Min. 12CC)
Lim Supervising (PS) - 24 CE (Min. 12CC)
Gen Journeyman (J) - 24 CE (Min. 8CC)
Lim Journ. Manuf Plant (PJ) - 16 CE (Min. 8CC)
Lim Residential (LR) - 16 CE (Min. 8CC)
Lim Maintenance (LME) - 8 CE (Min. 2CC)
Lim Energy Tech, Class A (LEA) - 8 CE (Min. 8CC)
Lim Energy Tech. Class B (LEB) - 8 CE (Min. 2CC)
Lim Renew. Energy Tech (LRT) - 4 CE (Min. 2CC)
Lim Journey Sign (SIG) - 4 CE (Min. 2CC)


Only Pay After you Pass!

Print your certificate immediately following your course completion and payment.
We report your completion to your state(s) on the following Monday. 
Please note it takes 3-5 business days for your CEU information to show up on the Oregon BCD website.

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Updated July 2015