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BlueVolt CEU Electrical

2017 NEC Code Changes - Part 2 - 5 Hours






Course Cost: USD $65.00- Only Pay After You Pass.
Course Length: 5 hours
Reporting: We report completions each Monday. Rush reporting now available!

Enroll now in the easiest, most convenient course on the 2017 NEC to renew your electrical license. This 5-hour Part 2 course covers the NEC changes that weren't covered in the separate Part 1 (Significant Changes) course.

This course is approved in the following states:
BlueVolt Reports to State Learner Reports to State Credits Approval Number
8 Credit Hours Under contract with SMJATC
8 Credit Hours GA Approved Provider
8 Code Hours ID17107
6 Credit Hours EE/ME Licenses Only KY
5 Credit Hours (MD State plus Cecil, Hartford, and Prince George's Counties Only) MD State and Counties Approved
8 Code Hours NM2017-58
8 Credit Hours Ok11001-E
8 Code Change Hours OR90817
8 Core Hours UT14823
8 Credit Hours WA2017-251
8 Credit Hours WY2017-223C


  • Find a course that meets your license renewal requirements and enroll. Review the list of course approvals and find the state or states that you need. Check your profile to be sure the license states and license numbers are correct.
  • To complete the course: enroll in the course, launch and complete all required modules, and satisfy the seat time requirement, if any.
  • When you complete the course and pay, we'll issue a Completion Certificate for each state that accepts the course and that you have a license for in your BlueVolt profile.
  • For the states that allow it, we'll report your completion directly. Reporting happens the first business day of the week following the completion. Rush reporting is available.


  • If the course has a seat time requirement, that means that the state requires you to spend a certain amount of time with the material.
  • How seat time is tracked: Fifty minutes of seat time equals one credit hour. The clock runs as long as you're actively engaged in the course. After 10 minutes of inactivity (no clicking), the clock stops and you're logged out of the course.
  • If you zip through the material before you've satisfied the seat time requirement, open the optional Review Module and spend time revisiting modules of your choosing.
  • You can see your seat time progress under the progress bar on the course Outline tab.
  • One more thing: you don't have to sit; you just have to keep working on the course.
The $BlueBucks ($BB) on this course are promotional! You have two options to use promotional $BB:
  • Apply them towards the payment of one of the following courses, or
  • Redeem them for gift certificates (in $25 increments) after you complete and pay for one of the following courses: