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BlueVolt CEU Electrical

ADA Compliance in Business (CEU, OpenSesame)





Course Cost: USD $35.00
Credit Hours: 1 Hours
Course Length: 1 hour

This course introduces you to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and clearly explains how it can affect your organization and employees from day to day. We begin with an overview of the ADA and definitions of key terms. You will learn how to remain compliant with the act during the hiring process, and discover useful tips on how to protect your organization against potential lawsuits. In addition, the course touches on the benefits of providing effective accommodations and encouraging equality in the workplace.

Course Objectives:

  •  Identify which companies, employees and employers are affected by the ADA
  •  Recognize when and how you are required to accommodate applicants with disabilities
  •  Ensure that postings, interviews and hiring decisions are compliant with the ADA

This course is approved in the following states:
BlueVolt Reports to State Learner Reports to State Credits Approval Number
1 CA DIR Approved Provider
1 GA Approved Provider
1 KY Board Approved (CE only)
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