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BlueVolt CEU Electrical

Article 220 - Load Calculations - 5-6 Credit Hours






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Credit Hours: 6 Hours
Course Length: 6 hours
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Article 220 is the go-to article for calculation of branch circuit, feeders and service loads. Articles 210, 215 and 230 lay out rules for sizing these conductors, based on the calculations described in article 220.  As such, one must understand 220 in order to fully comply with other provisions of the code. This course teaches the different types of calculations for single-family and two-family dwelling units, breaks them down by type, and describes relevant concepts.
Course Learning Objectives:
  • Introduce students to the significant changes in the 2017 NEC Code as they relate to load calculations.
  • Review Ohm’s Law and related concepts.
  • Teach students the different types of load calculations in single-family and two-family dwelling structures.

This course is approved in the following states:
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6 Credit Hours EE/ME Licenses Only KY Board approved
5 Credit Hours (Cecil County only) Cecil County Approved (Only)
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