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BlueVolt CEU Electrical

EST Basics - Electronic Systems Wiring - 4-8 Hours






Course Cost: USD $95.00- Only Pay After You Pass.
Credit Hours: 8 Hours
Course Length: 8 hours
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Course Description
This course gives students the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in construction methods, electrical basics, job site safety, tools and industry standards. Technical principles of structured wiring including cabling, components and outlets are presented and explained. Detailed step-by-step design and installation procedures, testing and troubleshooting methods and much more are covered, along with an introduction to the many different electronic systems and their benefits.
The course is divided into thirteen sections – each section ends with a quiz, and a comprehensive test at the end of the course allows students to demonstrate their newfound knowledge.

BlueVolt Learner Review
"Over all it was a good basic refresher course. There is a lot of information in there that as a journeyman electrician have known for a long time, so some of it was electrical/construction 101 to me, if you will. But then there were other parts that were like oh really ok sweet did not know that or remember. I could do away with the power tool section, I understand its place in the coarse though. I did like the audio of it, it kept my attention better like a instructor in school. At first I was frustrated with the needing a 100% for each quiz, especially since I only missed one or 2 most the time. Was thinking why not at least allow a 90% to pass? But by the end of the coarse, I thought you know what, having to redo those to get a perfect score really helped me on the final test to remember stuff, and past it the first time, I suck at tests, so that was good. Overall it was good, like I said a lot of basic knowledge just from being in construction so long, but there was some good reminders. I would take that type of coarse again, I liked the layout and presentation.Thanks again!" - Garrett C., Internet, February, 2019 

Students should have a basic understanding of what residential technologies are and the benefits they provide, but no prior technical knowledge is required.
Course Learning Objectives
- Define various residential electronic systems
- Explain the benefits of residential electronic systems
- Recognize the components of residential construction
- Create a safe working environment on the job
- Use project plans and documents
- Design and document a structured wiring system
- Pre-wire a structured wiring system
- Safely install and terminate a structured wiring system
- Test and troubleshoot a structured wiring system

This course is approved in the following states:
BlueVolt Reports to State Learner Reports to State Credits Approval Number
8 Credit Hours CA DIR Approved Provider
8 Wiring PDUs CO Accepted
4 Credit Hours GA Approved Provider
8 Industry Related Hours 20-581011
8 Credits ICC Preferred Ed Provider; check with local jurisdiction
5 Credit Hours State of MD, Prince George's, Queen Anne's Counties approved provider
8 Industry Hours MTEL20102
8 Industry Related Hours WA2019-214
4 Credit Hours WI17469
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