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Electrical Installations 1: Electrical Laws, Components and Circuits






Course Cost: USD $50.00
Course Length: 1 hour


The use of electricity, especially at common line voltages, is inherently dangerous. When used haphazardly, electricity can lead to electrocution or fire. This danger is what led to the development of the National Electrical Code(r) (NEC(r)), and it is what keeps Underwriter's Laboratories in business. The first real requirement of the NEC is that all work must be done 'in a neat and workmanlike manner.' This means that the installer must be alert, concerned, and well informed. It is critical that you, as the installer of potentially dangerous equipment, maintain a concern for the people who will be operating the systems you install. This 1-hour interactive online course course covers the basic rules of electricity and electronics. It contains enough detail to help you through almost any difficulty that faces you, short of playing electronic design engineer. It will also serve you well as a review text from time to time. You must have Flash Player Version 7 or higher to view some parts of this course. We also recommend you view this course in Internet Explorer.


After completing this course you will: 
  • Know the three primary forces in electricity 
  • Understand the importance of Ohm's law in regards to working with electricity 
  • Be familiar with watts, reactance and resonance (as well as learn their accompanying formulas) 
  • Understand series circuits, parallel circuits, and series-parallel circuits 
  • Know the five basic abilities electronic circuits possess that normal electrical circuits do not 
  • Be familiar with how the following electrical components work: Tubes and Semiconductors, Diodes, Zener Diodes, Transistors, Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers, Triacs 
  • Understand how to install, work with and test electronic components and circuit boards 
The course includes a multiple-choice quiz test at the end.
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