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BlueVolt CEU Electrical

Electrical Safety - 2 Credit Hours (OpenSesame)





Course Cost: USD $50.00- Only Pay After You Pass.
Credit Hours: 2 Hours
Course Length: 2 hours
Reporting: We report completions each Monday. Rush reporting now available!
Course Objectives:
  • Describe the flow of electrical current using the terms amp and volt 
  • Identify electrical hazards 
  • Minimize electrical hazards 
  • Follow safe practices regarding work with or near electrical sources and circuits 
  • Apply safety procedures to portable electrical equipment 
  • Adhere to safe practices regarding the handling and use of electrical plugs and cords 
  • Describe safe practices set by the industrial workplace safety authority for work on electrical equipment 
  • Identify the personal protective equipment needed to perform safe work on energized electrical circuits or equipment 
  • Describe each of the following electrical hazards of working with energized equipment: electrical shock, arc flash, and fire hazards 
  • Identify the purpose and content of hazard labels 
  • Describe how to conduct hazard analysis 
  • Explain the use of PPE (personal protective equipment)


This course is approved in the following states:
BlueVolt Reports to State Learner Reports to State Credits Approval Number
2 Credit Hours CA DIR approved
2 Credit Hours GA Approved Provider
2 Credit Hours KY Board Approved
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