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BlueVolt CEU Electrical

Electrical Series





Course Cost: USD $1,150.00- Only Pay After You Pass.
Course Length: 30.75 hours


This comprehensive interactive multimedia-training program consists of lessons that train participants to understand, maintain, and test AC and DC motors. Additional courses on identifying and applying the basic materials of a Conduit Installation, containing general practical methods of bending and installing conduits. Digital Electronic theory courses and Electrical Control Equipment covers the operation of various types of digital circuits, control equipment and how to troubleshoot control circuits. Electrical Theory for Trouble shooters, Electronic Test Equipment and Electrical Safety, complete the bundle, covering Three Phase AC circuits Ohms law and Solid State Theory.

The course contains the following modules:
AC Characteristics   1:00 hour
AC Motor Maintenance   1:00 hour
AC Motor Theory   1:00 hour
Ammeters, Meggers & Wheatstone Bridge   1:00 hour
Binary Logic Circuits   1:00 hour
Codes, Encoders, Decoders, and Flip-Flops   1:00 hour
Conduit Bending and Installation   1:00 hour
Counters and Shift Registers   1:00 hour
Data Transmission, Conversion and Storage   1:00 hour
DC Motor Theory   1:00 hour
Electrical Diagrams   1:00 hour
Electrical Personal Protective Equipment   25 minutes
Electrical Safety Awareness   1:00 hour
Electrical Schematics   1:00 hour
Fuses and Circuit Breakers   1:00 hour
Interpreting Ladder Logic   1:00 hour
Introduction to Digital Devices   1:00 hour
Inverters: Operation and Maintenance   1:00 hour
Limit Switches   1:00 hour
Magnetic Starters   1:00 hour
Multimeters   1:00 hour
Ohm's Law   1:00 hour
Oscilloscopes   1:00 hour
Principles of Operation   1:00 hour
Programmable Controllers for Analog Control   1:00 hour
Solid State Theory: Power Devices   1:00 hour
Solid State Theory: Rectifiers and Filters   1:00 hour
Solid State Theory: Semiconductors and Diodes   1:00 hour
Switches, Coils, and Overloads   1:00 hour
Three-phase AC Circuits   1:00 hour
Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits   1:00 hour
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