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BlueVolt CEU Electrical

Hiring Practices





Course Cost: USD $35.00
Credit Hours: 1 Hours
Course Length: 1 hour

Start hiring the very best candidates for the job by enhancing your approach with this training course filled with expert advice and strategies for acquiring top talent. We'll outline the 6 steps of hiring: posting the job, processing applications, interviews, assessment, background checks, and the job offer. You'll learn what each of these steps should entail and how to select the right hiring options and tools for your organization.


  •  Craft effective job postings to clearly outline requirements and entice applicants
  •  Develop an application and interview process suitable to your organization's needs and resources
  •  Perform assessments to help predict a candidate's performance and fit within your organization
  •  Verify the merits of your applications by conducting appropriate background checks
  •  Create written job offers according to professional and legal standards

Note: Because this course is provided by a third party, payment is required at enrollment.

This course is approved in the following states:
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1 CA DIR Approved Provider
1 GA Approved Provider
1 KY Board Approved (CE only)



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