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Home Theater Design and Installation - 4 Hours






Course Cost: USD $70.00- Only Pay After You Pass.
Credit Hours: 4 Hours
Course Length: 4 hours
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Continuing Education

Approved for continuing education credit in the following states: Kentucky, Georgia, Utah (others pending). You will receive credit in each of these states that you are licensed in, if you enter your license number in My Account.

Course Description

This course delivers a thorough understanding of the many aspects of home theater projects. Online instruction clearly explains the technology principles of signals including analog and digital, aspect ratios, video formats, video reproduction, audio formats, audio reproduction, and power conditioning. Students learn basic concepts including source components, processing equipment, video displays and speakers. Detailed step-by-step system design and installation procedures are presented, along with video and audio calibration of a home theater system to maximize performance. Testing and troubleshooting methodologies are provided to help ensure a successful installation.

Informative text, detailed color diagrams, and engaging case studies make learning home theater efficient and enjoyable. Special In Depth articles provide deeper background and technical information on critical topics, and Project Management Tips coach installers on good management practices. An online Glossary provides ready access to definitions of key terms.

The course is divided into fourteen training modules – each module ends with a quiz, and a comprehensive test at the end of the course allows students to demonstrate their newfound knowledge of home theater systems.

After completion of this course, students are prepared for hands on, product specific training in a training center or on a job site.


Students should be familiar with the video display system (TV and input components such as DVD player) and have basic knowledge of audio (see the Whole House Audio Technology and Distribution Online Course for more information).

Course Learning Objectives

  • To understand the technology fundamentals of home theater signals, displays, audio reproduction, and home theater processing
  • To know the steps to follow when designing and planning the installation of the home theater system
  • To understand the specific steps involved in the pre-wire, trim-out, and final installation phases of a project
This course is approved in the following states:
BlueVolt Reports to State Learner Reports to State Credits Approval Number
4 Credit Hours GA Approved Provider
6 Credit Hours, EE/ME KY Board approved
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