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BlueVolt CEU Electrical

Lighting Control in the Home






Course Cost: USD $95.00- Only Pay After You Pass.
Credit Hours: 8 Hours
Course Length: 8 hours
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This course is approved in the following states:
BlueVolt Reports to State Learner Reports to State Credits Approval Number
8 Credit Hours CA DIR Approved Provider
8 Wiring PDUs CO Accepted
4 Credit Hours GA Approved Provider
8 Industry Related Hours 20-581013
5 Credit Hours State of MD, Prince George's, Queen Anne's Counties approved provider
4 Credit Hours WI17962

Course Description

The next big trend in home technology and “Going Green” is lighting control. This course delivers a solid foundation from benefits to advanced technology concepts to implementation. Topics include lighting fixtures, lamp types, wiring, switching, dimming, control devices, important safety considerations, industry standards and electrical codes. Methods of control presented are: wired, wireless, PLC (Power Line Control), Zigbee, Z-Wave, proprietary and more. Students learn detailed design steps, installation procedures and programming features for a successful installation. Testing and troubleshooting methodologies are discussed to confirm performance of lighting control systems.

Informative text and detailed color diagrams teach precisely what students need to know to successfully install lighting systems. Supplemental In-Depth articles provide deeper background and technical information on critical topics, and Project Management Tips coach technicians on good installation practices. An online Glossary provides instant access to definitions of key terms.

The course is divided into 12 training modules – each module ends with a quiz, and a comprehensive test at the end of the course allows students to demonstrate their knowledge of lighting control. Students can take the course at their own pace, picking up where they leave off at their convenience.



Students should have a basic understanding of electrical principles to get maximum benefit from this course. Note: This course is not designed to prepare a student to work as an electrician or to work with high voltages – always work with a licensed electrician when dealing with high voltages.


Course Learning Objectives

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the technology principles of lighting control
  • List the benefits of lighting control
  • Identify methods of switching, dimming, and control
  • Name different lighting, fixture, and lamp types
  • Explain different methods of lighting control
  • List the steps to design a lighting control system
  • List the steps to install a lighting control system
  • Explain how to program a lighting control system
  • Identify different lighting control troubleshooting techniques
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