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BlueVolt University

Motors & Controls (2014): 16 Credit Hours-Employer Paid





Course Cost: USD $160.00
Course Length: 16 hours

Motors and Controls 2014
 Motors and Controls 2014

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Provide an overview of Article 430
  2. Promote safety awareness
  3. Increase familiarity with article 430 of the NEC
  4. Apply article 430 of the NEC to motor and control installations
  5. Use the NEC to calculate the size of disconnects, conductors, overload protection and overcurrent protection
  6. Demonstrate safe practices for motor and control installations and maintenance

This course is approved in the following states:
BlueVolt Reports to State Learner Reports to State Credits Approval Number
14 Credit Hours CEP007
16 Credit Hours CA DIR approved
12 Credit Hours KS approved local jurisdiction
10 Credit Hours MD (State Approval, plus Harford, Prince George's and Queen Anne)
16 Credit Hours SD Board Approved
16 Credit Hours WI17385

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