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BlueVolt CEU Electrical

Project Management for Low Voltage Installation - 8 Hours






Course Cost: USD $95.00- Only Pay After You Pass.
Credit Hours: 6 Hours
Course Length: 8 hours
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Course Description

This course teaches the skills necessary for any installation company to implement a successful project management system; from the sales process through design, installation and follow-up visits. Procedures, forms and documents to get organized and in control of projects and processes are shared and a Case Study demonstrates the use of these forms throughout all phases of a project. Designed for company owners, project managers and individuals involved in installation projects of all sizes, students learn how to streamline operations, increase efficiency and master project management. Sold as a package, this course includes the online course as well as the Project Management Standardized Forms Download with 70+ customizable Microsoft Word™, Excel™ and Visio™ files.

Informative text, detailed color flowcharts and diagrams make learning project management skills efficient and enjoyable. An engaging case study demonstrates the principle taught in the course with actual floor plans, worksheets, and project documentation. Special In-Depth articles provide deeper background and technical information on critical topics. Forms presented throughout the course help to set up a working project management process. An online glossary provides ready access to definitions of key terms.

The course is divided into eighteen training modules – each module ends with a quiz, and a comprehensive test at the end of the course allows students to demonstrate their new found knowledge of project management. After completion of this course students are prepared for hands-on practical application of the processes, procedures and forms explained in the course.

After completion of this course, students are prepared for hands on, product specific training in a training center or on a job site.



No previous project management experience is required, though an understanding of the industry is recommended (see the Introduction to Residential Technologies Online Course for more information). This course is for company owners, project managers and individuals involved in installation projects of all sizes and want to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and become masters at project management.


Course Learning Objectives

  • Be able to explain an overview and benefits of project management and identify the phases, work flow, and tasks of a project
  • Describe the processes and procedures of project management and be able to use forms and documents to control projects
  • Implement tools to help manage and control a project from start to finish, including the budget, purchasing, change orders, and documentation
  • This course is approved in the following states:
    BlueVolt Reports to State Learner Reports to State Credits Approval Number
    6 Wiring PDUs CO Accepted
    4 Credit Hours GA Approved Provider
    6 Credit Hours KS approved local jurisdiction
    5 Credit Hours State of MD, Prince George's, Queen Anne's Counties approved provider
    8 Credit Hours WI17963
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