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BlueVolt University

Solar Eclipse - The Solar Evolution begins with YOU






Course Cost: USD $10.00

 This course will teach you how to:

  • Define what Photovoltaic is
  • Understand how Solar interacts with the Sun
  • Know who is interested in this market
  • Have an understanding of what types of roofs work well for Solar installations
  • Understand the power of the Sun
  • Define Solar irradiance
  • Define Solar Insolation
  • Define Air Mass
  • Understand how the sun is affected by our atmosphere
  • Explain how every object on earth has an effect on the solar panels' efficiency
  • Understand how the installation of the panels affect their efficiency
  • Learn about a solar window



Brought to you by your instructor, Glenn F. Arvin, an electrician and educator involved in solar technology for over a decade, and:

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