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BlueVolt University

Variable Frequency Drives





Course Cost: USD $50.00- Only Pay After You Pass.
Course Length: 1.5 hours

Course Description

The use of variable frequency drives, or VFDs, allows exact speed control by controlling the voltage or the current of a motor. Understanding the fundamentals of VFDs, along with installation, programming, and troubleshooting is critical to efficient operation. The Variable Frequency Drive subject area covers these items.


Course Objectives

  • Describe the functions and operations of an AC drive
  • Describe the common types of interface methods
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of variable voltage, constant voltage, and current source AC drives 
  • Describe the common fault and alarm indications
  • Describe the common types of faults and alarms
  • Explain the use of troubleshooting tables
  • Describe the requirements for installation of a VFD
  • Describe the startup sequence of a VFD
  • Describe the programmable parameters of a VFD

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